Claude Gibson

Production Director

Claude Gibson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and is Executive Director and Co-founder of Golliday and Gibson. He attended Hirsch Metro High School and is a graduate of The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. After Claude graduated from college he started his professional career as a sales exec in the insurance industry. While working for major insurance companies, Claude took up photography as a hobby. As his professional career took him all over the country and to a few international destinations, he made a habit out of bringing his camera with him. Over the years, Claude was able to sharpen his photography skills while thinking about how he could put what he learned to good use.

In 2007 Claude and longtime friend Everette Golliday talked about putting together a casting company with an emphasis on helping young talent in the Chicagoland area break into the entertainment industry. Claude had a few connections in the entertainment industry and believed those connections could help jumpstart their new company. The two quickly put talk into action and founded G & G Casting. Their first few projects came very quickly.  Starting with work on a couple of successful reality television shows and then moving into extras casting for independent films.

Today, Golliday and Gibson is committed to helping actors and actresses new to the industry advance their careers. In addition, they offer professional photography services as well as being active in video production.