Chicago Is Talking About . . . 1st Annual "A-List Speaker Series"

WITH Chicago becoming more and more attractive as a location for major Hollywood film studios to produce new movie and TV projects, aspiring young actors, actresses, writers, producers and others interested in a Hollywood career will get the opportunity to interact with Hollywood’s elite during the first annual “A-List Speaker Series,” which kicks off in Chicago on September 10 in the Thorne Auditorium of Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, 375 E. Chicago Avenue. The event will allow prospective movie and TV contributors to get insight into the entertainment industry from the keynote speaker, Emmy Award-winning producer and veteran TV studio executive Michael Swanson.

The Chicago native will be joined by an accomplished group of panelists, including such major personalities as Chicago screenwriter Kenny Young; writer, producer, director and Chicagoan Natasha Parker; Pepe Vargas, founder and executive director of the International Latino Cultural Center's "Chicago Latino Film Festival”; and New York costume designer Michael Alan Stein. Important topics to be discussed during the inaugural gathering include diversification, brand-building, education vs. real-life experiences, understanding contracts and working with an agent. The organizers’ intent is not only to connect Hollywood hopefuls with Hollywood insiders but also to inspire and motivate young adults, hoping that the annual speaker series will serve as the foundation for them to build successful careers.

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